Jackie Appleby is the Diligent Assisant.

OBM & Business Coach

Empowering Your Coaching Business with Expert Business Management and Coaching.

Transform your coaching practice into a thriving, efficient, and balanced business with our specialized services.

Business Management

  • Strategic OBM Support
  • Comprehensive Business Audits
  • Custom Platform Solutions.

Business Coaching

  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops
  • One on one Coaching
  • Coach to CEO Mastermind.

Achieve Sustained Growth, Attract More Clients, and Enjoy Greater Work-Life Harmony.

Operational Excellence

Achieve peak efficiency in your coaching practice with our comprehensive operational management solutions.

Technology Integration

Leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline your operations, enhance client engagement, and secure data management.

Strategic Growth Planning

Craft a robust growth strategy for your coaching business with our expert insights, ensuring sustainable success.

Mindset & Leadership Development

Empower your coaching practice with leadership skills and a growth mindset, fostering resilience and innovation.

Empowering Coaches to Build a Thriving, Stress-Free Business

Dear Coaches,

Envision a coaching practice where your sole focus is on what you do best: coaching and consulting. What if the complexities of business management were seamlessly handled for you, allowing you to consistently engage with your ideal clients and realize your true value?

Imagine a scenario where your earnings reflect your worth and your lifestyle harmonizes with your personal values. How would it feel to have a trusted partner, a business advisor dedicated to sculpting your unique vision of success?

At Diligent Assistant Inc, we deeply understand the challenges you face. We’re here not just to alleviate those challenges, but to collaborate with you in forging a path to a flourishing, stress-free coaching business. Together, let’s transform your vision into reality, creating the perfect blend of professional fulfillment and personal well-being.


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Are you poised to elevate your coaching business and embrace your full potential as a visionary leader? Explore the transformative power of our Coach to CEO Blueprint. This methodology is designed to refine your operations, boost your sales and marketing effectiveness, enhance financial insight, and cultivate a high-performing team. Watch our insightful video to discover how this proven strategy can revolutionize your coaching practice. Together, we’ll pave your journey to unparalleled success.

Meet the Diligent Assistant

Meet Jackie Appleby, the visionary force behind Diligent Assistant Inc. With over two decades of experience in business management and coaching, Jackie has dedicated her career to empowering coaches and consultants, enabling them to realize their full potential. Her journey in the corporate world, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, has equipped her with a unique blend of skills, making her an indispensable ally to professionals in the coaching industry.

Jackie’s approach is holistic and personalized, focusing on each client’s needs while fostering growth and success. Beyond her professional achievements, Jackie is a passionate advocate for work-life balance, drawing inspiration from her love of the great outdoors and the Canadian Rocky Mountains as her backdrop. Her belief in continuous learning and personal development resonates through Diligent Assistant’s ethos, where every coach’s vision is nurtured towards victory.


I am a fan of Jackie and her team at Diligent Assistant. Jackie has helped get me organized, on track, and meeting my marketing targets more consistently. I myself am working more in my Zone of Genius and I can reliably outsource the things I don’t have time or talent to do, to her team. Jackie works on time, on budget, and is fun to work with as well. I highly recommend Jackie for the business owner looking to get more done in less time.

Susan Elford

Personal Leadership Coach, Susan Elford Coaching & Consulting

Jackie is a great resource for online systems that streamline and automate business including customization for her clients’ uses. She also has a network of other experts in areas such as accounting, branding, and website development. Jackie is very efficient and professional and supports business owners to focus on the things that will move their businesses forward!

Jamie Davidoff

Leadership & Executive Coach, Spark Success

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jackie for almost two years. She’s strategic , organized and a huge asset to our team for the ICF Calgary chapter.

Angela Braun

President 2022, ICF Calgary Charter Chapter


From the Desk of the Diligent Assistant