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Dear Coaches.

What would it look like to you if you didn’t have to worry about any of the business side of running a lucrative coaching business and instead you could just coach or consult and always work in your zone of genius?

How would you feel if you were always working with your ideal clients, charging what you are worth, and living a lifestyle that perfectly complements who you are?

What would it feel like to have a trusted business advisor in your corner working collaboratively with you to create your little piece of heaven?

At Diligent Assistant Inc, we’ve got you!

Helping Purpose-Driven Coaches, And Consultants Build Consistent $10k Months And beyond Through Online Business Management and Coaching& Consulting

Business Coaching & Consulting

  • Understanding what is getting in your way.
  • Connecting to your North Star to find your business purpose.
  • Creating a life that is supported by your business and not the other way around.

Online Business Management

  • Putting in systems and processes that save you time and money.
  • Crafting a business that allows you to take time away without dropping anything.
  • Knowing that you are not doing it all alone and have a team supporting you.

How to Hit Consistent $10k Months in your Coaching Business.

Being a great coach is only part of the process. In order to stabilize your income and get you working consistent manageable hours where you can concentrate on coaching, you need to build a balanced business/life model.

Using  our Coach to CEO Methodology, you can move your Coaching Business from chaos and overwhelm to calm and confidence and create an business where you are firmly in control.

What Our Clients Say

Strategic, organized and a huge asset

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jackie for almost two years. She’s strategic , organized and a huge asset to our team for the ICF Calgary chapter.
–Angela Braun, ICF Calgary Chapter- President Elect


So organized, so knowledgeable

“I worked with Jackie in my capacity as Communications Director for ICF Calgary Chapter. We worked very closely on a project to migrate our chapter’s website to a new system and with Jackie’s expertise we were able to stick to our desired timelines and the project was a success. I also worked with Jackie on our chapter’s monthly newsletters. She is so organized, so knowledgeable and such an expert in our back-end systems, we were able to work well and communicate regularly with our over 600 subscriber base and our advertisers. Jackie has an eye for design and is also saavy at social media! She makes our work on the ICF Calgary Board so much easier!”
– Meeja Jalandoni, Calgary, AB

She will set you on the right track

Jackie is a no-nonsense, get stuff done professional. She will set you on the right track when you feel like your business has gone off the rails. 
–Dana Goldstein, Digital Shoebox

Jackie is very efficient and professional

Jackie is a great resource for online systems that streamline and automate business including customization for her clients’ uses. She also has a network of other experts in areas such as accounting, branding, and website development. Jackie is very efficient and professional and supports business owners to focus on the things that will move their businesses forward!
–Jamie Davidoff, Spark Success

Jackie’s support has been invaluable.

I recommend Diligent Assistant! As a consultant, having time to create systems and effective processes to organize your business for growth can be challenging. Jackie’s support in advancing my bookkeeping processes, and integrating my CRM and customer contacts have been invaluable. Her guidance and advice on sales, operations and marketing will help any small business owner or consultant advance their business goals!  
–Pauline Greenidge, Upward HR

Found my zone of genius!

I am a fan of Jackie and her team at Diligent Assistant. Jackie has helped get me organized, on track, and meeting my marketing targets more consistently. I myself am working more in my Zone of Genius and I can reliably outsource the things I don’t have time or talent to do, to her team. Jackie works on time, on budget, and is fun to work with as well. I highly recommend Jackie for the business owner looking to get more done in less time.
 – Susan Elford, Susan Elford Coaching & Consulting

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