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Diligent Assistant is a Marketing and Business Management Agency. We help busy Coaches, Authors and Speakers create efficiencies and streamline their back-of-house processes to save time and money! We will help you grow your coaching practice by looking at your operational processes and ensuring that they are connected with your customers, vendors and employees as well as making sure that you are working smarter, not harder with integrated technologies.

It’s not about getting more done, it’s about having less to do.

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Onboarding your clients sets your standards from the start and shows you mean business. This is one of the many areas of your business that can be automated which not only frees up your time but also ensure you are creating consistency in your onboarding. Want to know how?
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Ideal Client Persona Worksheet

You cannot make great decisions in your business without knowing simple facts. What is the minimum amount you can work for without compromising your lifestyle and value? How can you use this information to decide on pricing for your services and packages? Would you like to Know You Number?
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Map out your social media posting plan

Winging it is no longer an option. You need to wake up every day, knowing exactly what’s going to post on your Social Media pages. If you must utilize social media to it’s fullest potential, it’s definitely time to stop getting held back by procrastination and inadequate planning. Need help?
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What Our Clients Say

Strategic, organized and a huge asset

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jackie for almost two years. She’s strategic , organized and a huge asset to our team for the ICF Calgary chapter.
–Angela Braun, ICF Calgary Chapter- President Elect


So organized, so knowledgeable

“I worked with Jackie in my capacity as Communications Director for ICF Calgary Chapter. We worked very closely on a project to migrate our chapter’s website to a new system and with Jackie’s expertise we were able to stick to our desired timelines and the project was a success. I also worked with Jackie on our chapter’s monthly newsletters. She is so organized, so knowledgeable and such an expert in our back-end systems, we were able to work well and communicate regularly with our over 600 subscriber base and our advertisers. Jackie has an eye for design and is also saavy at social media! She makes our work on the ICF Calgary Board so much easier!”
– Meeja Jalandoni, Calgary, AB

She will set you on the right track

Jackie is a no-nonsense, get stuff done professional. She will set you on the right track when you feel like your business has gone off the rails. 
–Dana Goldstein, Digital Shoebox

Jackie is very efficient and professional

Jackie is a great resource for online systems that streamline and automate business including customization for her clients’ uses. She also has a network of other experts in areas such as accounting, branding, and website development. Jackie is very efficient and professional and supports business owners to focus on the things that will move their businesses forward!
–Jamie Davidoff, Spark Success

Jackie’s support has been invaluable.

I recommend Diligent Assistant! As a consultant, having time to create systems and effective processes to organize your business for growth can be challenging. Jackie’s support in advancing my bookkeeping processes, and integrating my CRM and customer contacts have been invaluable. Her guidance and advice on sales, operations and marketing will help any small business owner or consultant advance their business goals!  
–Pauline Greenidge, Upward HR

The one behind the curtain creating all the magic!

Jackie is like the Wizard of Oz, the one behind the curtain creating all the magic! One of our best days in the last 3 years was the day we called her for help.
–Anton Danielsen, Grand Central Staffing

About Diligent Assistant

Diligent Assistant is a Marketing and Business Management Agency dedicated to helping coaches smarten up their business so they can focus on doing what they do best.

We help coaches be the best they can be by freeing up their time running a business and allowing them to spend more time coaching, facilitating and leading. 

We focus solely on the coaching industry, and working directly with Coaches has made us experts in their pain points. We get how overwhelming running a business can be and coupled with our ability to understand technology and processes in the realms of marketing and business management gives us the ability to tailor our services to the needs of coaches.

We do this by providing streamlined operational solutions and education that is simple to understand, make sense and does the job. We believe in diligence (it’s in our name), balance (You can’t put all your eggs in one basket), Authenticity (People do business with people they know, like and trust), Wisdom (we are always learning and growing), Honesty (no sugar coating here) and Integrity (We do what it says on the tin!)

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