Jackie Appleby

Is The Diligent Assistant

A highly organized and strategic Business Manager

who’s worked with coaches and consultants,

across North America to bring calm and focus to their business.

” Your systems and processes are only ever as good as the people using them.”

Who we are

Diligent Assistant INC is a  Business Management and Business Coaching Company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are dedicated to helping coaches and consultants smarten up their business so they can focus on doing what they do best.

We help these wonderful, giving people be the best they can be by freeing up their time running a business and allowing them to spend more time coaching, consulting, facilitating, and leading.

We focus solely on the coaching and consulting industries, and working directly with Coaches and Consultants has made us experts in their pain points. We get how overwhelming running a business can be, and our ability to understand marketing and business management technology and processes allows us to tailor our services to the needs of coaches and consultants all over North America.

Our Mission

We provide Coaches, and Consultants, with tools, services, knowledge and best practices for managing their coaching business. We do this by providing streamlined operational solutions and education that is simple to understand, makes sense, and does the job. We believe in diligence (it’s in our name), balance (You can’t put all your eggs in one basket), Authenticity (People do business with people they know, like and trust), Wisdom (we are always learning and growing), Honesty (no sugar coating here) and Integrity (We do what it says on the tin!)

Our Vision

We see the coaching industry growing exponentially, and our vision is to provide certified coaches with the tools and knowledge they need to run an effective coaching practice that allows them to work with their ideal clients and do their best while always adhering to industry ethics and standards.

Our vision is to empower coaches to make an impact and deliver results to their clients.

Meet the Diligent Assistant Team

Jackie Appleby

Jackie Appleby


Sassy, sarcastic and super-charged is how business owner and operator Jackie Appleby describes herself.

Originally heralding from England, Jackie is well-known in the Calgary Coaching Community. She is Mum to 2 kids 18 & 21 and a couple of dogs.

Jackie is a keen camper with regular trips to the Canadian Rocky Mountains giving her plenty of inspiration for her business

Amelia Appleby

Amelia Appleby

Technical Services

Jackie’s number two and daughter, is fresh out of high school and excited to put her skills to the test while deciding what her path ahead looks like. Amelia is skilled in media design and can tame most software platforms. She’s a natural leader, curious and a people/cat person.

An avid PC gamer, streamer and Discord Server creator, Amelia swims through technology like a fish in water.



Diligent Assistant Inc is North America’s prevalent Business Management and Business Coaching Company for Coaches and, Consultants.

We help you smarten up your business so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Approach

People don’t know what they don’t know. When you take time to explain how something works and why it’s needed, many pieces start to fall into place.

With a small business, business owners often look to their friends, family and network to understand what operational pieces need to be put in place. However, more often than not, a generalized how-to knowledge is learned instead of one that focuses on why you are different and what problem you solve.

At Diligent Assistant, we only work with professional coaches and consultants. We know how valuable administrative support is when working with sensitive individuals and topics requiring a gentle approach. We understand the kind of challenges that coaches and consultants can face when it comes to running an effective and values-based practice.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we work with

Coaches, and Consultants, across North America

Certifications and Qualifications

Hubspot Marketing Software Certified
Hubspot Certification

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