Business Coaching & Consulting

The Coach to CEO methodology

Our Business Coaching and Consulting services focus on the Coach to CEO Methodology that has you looking at your business holistically through an optimized mindset lens.

That means everything we work on together looks at your business as a whole and doesn’t just focus on specific areas. We also work on optimizing your mindset, embracing challenges, learning new technologies, adopting alternate thinking, and moving out from the “norms” so that you can stand out as a coach in your niche.

Your business is unique to you and should be built in a way that reflects your passion, your skills, and your idea of business/life balance. That’s totally doable, however, there are certain fundamentals that need to be in place in order to fully support your vision.

At Diligent Assistant, we want to empower you to make the difference you long to do!


Business Coaching Methodology
Helping You Create Your Perfect Business/life Environment

Unlock Your Your Coaching Potential.

When you adopt the Coach to CEO methodology in your business, the results are outstanding.

Spend more time doing what you love – coaching, consulting, and counseling while generating consistent income so you can enjoy your business while it provides the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

Coaching Options

Shift your Focus

3.5-hour Coaching Intensive

Our Shift Your Focus Coaching Intensive is a 3.5-hour session designed to get you focused on your ideal Coaching Business Framework.

It’s a great starting point for any coach that needs to identify the way forward, whether that is starting new or re-calibrating an existing business.

We’ll develop your transformational offering and hone in on who it’s designed for. Create marketing messaging and outline your packages and more.

90-Day Stabilize Your Income Coaching Package

6 x 60-minute bi-weekly coaching sessions

Geared towards newer coaches or those doing subcontracting work who are looking to increase their overall income toward a consistent 6 figures per year in revenue, by increasing their own client base.

This coaching package builds off the Shift Your Focus intensive coaching session by taking the discoveries made and moving them into tangible business plans. Focusing on Sales, Marketing, and Client Management

6-Month Grow Coaching Package

12 x 60-minute bi-monthly coaching sessions

For more established coaches that have stabilized their income and are looking to add more services to their menu such as group programs to move towards 6 figures in profit.

The framework of this coaching includes developing a group program that you can start to sell before the end of the 6 months. Whether that is a Mastermind, Online Course, or group intensives, we’ll work together to find and create a group offering that sells.


Why a Coach, Consultant, or Counselor needs a Business Coach.

Sometimes it’s hard to accept that you need help, especially when you are so good at helping others. Here are the top reasons our clients work with us.

You are too close to your business

It doesn’t matter how good a coach you are, you cannot use your superpower on yourself. You will always have a bias in your own business because it’s yours.

Having your own coach helps you to see beyond the bias and gives you access to different ways of thinking that aren’t your go-to ways.

But you know this already because a great coach knows the value of having their own!

You haven't fully embraced the transformation you offer

The realization in the coaching industry is that coaches have to stand out from each other and that comes from knowing the transformation you offer inside and out and being able to articulate it effectively.

Many coaches know what they do, but have trouble putting it into words, content, and messaging that resonates with their ideal audience. A  business coach can help you refine this.

You have your own limiting beliefs that hold you back

Limiting beliefs are dream killers, holding us back from what we really want to achieve, however much of the time they are hidden away in the darkest corners of our mind.

A coach can help you to understand what drives you to make certain decisions or avoid certain tasks by working with you to unearth and deal with those limiting beliefs, even when you don’t think you have any!

You lack the skills or knowledge on the business operations side

When you did your coach training, they gave you all the tools and knowledge you needed to become an excellent coach, but they didn’t teach you how to run a business (that’s a different program!)

The result is that you are trying to build an effective business model based on what everyone else is doing because that’s all you know. The trouble with that is many of those coaches also built their business model based on what others were doing.

The key to building a stabilized business is not focusing on what is currently trending but to focus on what works best for you. A business coach can help you figure out what this is.


You are experiening overwhelm and burnout from focusing on the wrong things.

You don’t need to be on every social media platform, you don’t need to send out a weekly newsletter, you don’t need to make videos, you don’t need to work 60+ hours a week. 

You need a solid plan of who you are, who you serve and a way to communicate that so it resonates with your ideal client. Add in some automation, some great systems and a support team and you can be coaching on your terms, building your business/life balance in no time.


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