VIP days or coaching intensives  are the latest trend in the coaching industry. You can achieve 3 months plus of results in a single day with a well-thought-out VIP framework. To be successful with VIP days, you need to own the value of them, so that means getting comfortable with them being a higher-priced item on your menu and marketing them in the right way to the right people.

First, let’s talk about what a VIP day is and what it is not.

A VIP day is where you get together with a client and work intensively on a focused project or goal for a set period of time – generally 3+ hours but you can have some that span several days, and emerge having achieved a specific outcome. The length of your day depends on how you price it and what ground you need to cover. You can make them as fancy or as plain as you like, throw in a lunch, or a great location, workbooks, and various exercises can all work, just remember to keep your ideal client in mind when you put them together.

For instance, if you are a health and wellness coach, working with clients who have struggled to lose weight, you could do a VIP day that digs into the limiting beliefs of your client and also works with them one on one to create a 30-day meal plan that is tailored to their specific needs, taking in their lifestyle and likes and dislikes.

If you are a leadership coach, you could do a VIP day focused on building strong teams, adding in assessments that you specialize in such as Clifton Strengths or Barret Values.

As a business coach, you can create a day designed to nail down marketing messaging that is specific to your client’s ideal clients.

The options are endless and the only thing getting in your way is the lack of a great theme!

The Benefits of VIP Days

The possibilities are endless and the reason these days work is that clients want to see changes happen quickly, they want results and they are happy to pay for that if you tap into their pain correctly and offer a great solution.

Here are some other great benefits to VIP Days:

You are able to create and focus on a larger goal for the day that includes measuring results.

You have the time available to create action steps with your client.

You can create a package that allows your client to more fully buy in thanks to the time and cost commitment and have them walk away with a complete solution.

What are VIP Days not?

They are not group offerings, you can run group intensives but the whole reason that VIP days are higher priced is because the client is getting your full undivided attention.

 They are not ongoing topics. The point of a VIP day is to get over a specific hurdle your client is having within that booked time. You need your VIP day to have a specific outcome.

How to do VIP Days with Your Clients

  1.  Identify the outcome of your VIP day. In order to become successful in administering these VIP days efficiently, start with one common topic that comes up a lot in your coaching business.
  2. Decide on the content and pricing for your VIP day. The more value you add the more expensive it should be, BUT don’t cram it full of noise and make sure you can get through the content in your chosen time frame.
  3. Create your VIP day framework. Although coaching is a personal experience and no two sessions are the same, you should still have a framework in place to keep you on topic and on time.
  4. Choose your value add’s. This helps with marketing and with pricing. (See below for list)
  5. Put the VIP day in your booking modality and ensure you are collecting payment up front for the VIP day. You want to encourage skin in the game and you want to ensure that the day you set aside is not wasted by a no-show
  6. Create buzz around your new VIP day. Write blogs, do videos or record a podcast episode on what the VIP day covers, why it’s an important topic and always speak to the pain your clients are going through. Let them know how this VIP day will help and ensure you are highlighting the fast results from doing it intensively.
  7. Share your content through your social media channels, through your list and through your network. Consider presenting your topic to a small group of ideal clients, such as moms, professionals, Teens, retirees, industry-specific professionals,  anywhere that brings your ideal clients together.
  8. Start booking VIP days!

 Additional value you can add to your VIP day

  • A workbook
  • A recording of the day (Virtual)
  • Lunch/Refreshments (in person)
  • A report or assessment
  • Files and documents
  • Roadmaps and handouts
  • Location upgrades
  • A goody bag to take away

 Coaching VIP Days are a great way to break from the norm of back-to-back coaching, allow you to charge a premium rate and give you a great topic to focus on and become an expert at.

 If you are stuck on how to move forward with a VIP day, book a shift your focus coaching intensive with me (Yes, my own VIP Day) and let’s hammer out all you need to put this bad boy together!