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If 2023 means finally getting organized and building out your Coaching Tech Stack, then this blog article is for you! Here at Diligent Assistant, we have teamed up with Delenta CRM to bring you some exclusive deals on their coaching CRM which I personally am in love with!

This CRM/ Core platform is jam-packed with so many tools that are going to make your life easier and help you stand out from the coaching crowd with a superior customer service experience.

Delenta CRM for coaches feature list

Before we get into all the system specifics, I want to highlight the major coaching tools in this platform that are not found in the other systems I usually recommend for coaches.

ICF Global Approved coaching log

As you run coaching sessions through Delenta CRM, it automatically tracks your coaching sessions on an ICF Global-approved coaching log. This means when it’s time for you to renew your credentials, your coaching hours are automatically calculated for you. On top of that, you can also log all your training and CCEU hours in Delenta too, and it tracks these on a separate tab from the coaching hours. Both the Coaching hours and CCEU hours can be downloaded from Delenta in a CSV file when you are ready to submit.

Client to-do’s

Now I know this can be controversial in the coaching world as some coaches don’t want to be an accountability partner for their coachee’s, however more and more, clients are looking for extra support in reaching goals and milestones and Delenta CRM allows you to assign specific tasks to clients in their client portal. Clients have their own log-in to access their records and within that space, you can add to-do’s for your client so they can work through them.

Coaching notes

With a similar sentiment to the client to do’s you can also record coaching notes in the client area so that you and your client can both review them at a later date and refer back to them when needed. You can choose to share these notes with the client or not.  While note-taking is often up for discussion as to whether it should be part of a regular coaching session or not, event bullet point notes added after the session that enables you, the coach, to look back and see any patterns or behaviours emerging can be helpful in moving your client forward.

The note-taking area in Delenta makes this an ideal place to record that information.

Branded Landing page

Delenta knows how important first impressions are and how difficult it can be for coaches to promote themselves and get those new leads coming in. Delenta comes with a customizable landing page for you to showcase yourself and your brand and includes the scheduler for an initial appointment. You can easily share your landing page with your unique URL.

Coaching files and resources

You know that Venn diagram you use repeatedly or the wheel of life exercise you tend to share with your clients? Well, Delenta CRM comes with a resource area that is split into two parts. One that you specifically share with your client and one that allows you to store your best resources that you can then share with your clients, all nicely organized within the platform. Remember, it’s not about getting more done; it’s about having less to do!

Delenta CRM for coaches integrations

 LMS/Course Building

Are you a coach that wants to move your resources into a course or learning environment? Delenta comes with a built in course area. You can assign unpaid courses to current clients as part of their engagement and also sell paid courses to other types of clients.

Group Coaching

Finally a CRM that helps you manage your group coaching efforts. Not more manual tracking as to who is in which group or when the next session is. Delenta makes it easy for you to set up and run group sessions while keeping your clients in the loop with communications. Note that the group management features do not give you an actual platform to run the group meeting. If you are doing work virtually you will still need a video conferencing platform to host the group meeting.

Full Delenta Tour

The video below will take you through a tour of Delenta, but here is a summary of my favourite CRM tools that come with the Delenta Platform:


Booking those coaching sessions as well as discovery calls for new clients is super easy with the Delenta scheduler function. Both paid and unpaid appointments are available and the discovery call feature allows you to ask a few important questions upfront. The scheduler currently integrates with Google and Outlook, allowing you to bring in all your already booked appointments and have Delenta take those into account when

Delenta CRM for coaches scheduler functions


Digital signatures and contracts have been the biggest struggle for coaches. Having an easy way to send a contract and get it signed digitally so everything can be stored electronically is all included in Delenta’s contract area.


Keep a close eye on what you need to do next in your customer journey with the activities tab. This area is exclusively for you, the coach, to know what is coming up next in your pipeline as far as following up is concerned.

If Delenta CRM seems like it might be a fit for you, take advantage of my special discount to get $100 of any annual plan.

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I hope you are able to take advantage of this amazing platform for your coaching business and allow yourself to work a little smarter!

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