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At Diligent Assistant, time is money, we get that. We also know that we are living in a world where buying decisions are no longer based on price alone but on relationships and what you know, like, and trust about the person you are thinking of working with.

The same goes for us, we have an ideal client type, we know the kind of client we get immense joy from working with. If you’ve gotten to this page, chances are that’s you because we designed our website and our content with you in mind.

So let’s ensure we are a fit and that we can help you with what is getting in your way of creating a stabilized coaching business that hits consistent $10k months and beyond. The best way to do this is through our exploration call.

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Frequently Asked

Why are your business management packages all retainer based?

We are putting time aside for you to get your projects and tasks done in the agreed timelines. That time, needs to be booked so it doesn’t get taken by another client

Why can't I book just one or two coaching sessions with you?

To get the maximum benefit from coaching requires consistency and space for growth. No transformations can be made just from one or two sessions unless it is an intensive session.

What are VIP days?

VIP days are concentrated blocks of time set aside for your project or transformation. These can be beneficial when you want fast results and are willing to commit the time to get that project “one and done”

What software systems should I be using in my business?

We always recommend CRM, Email Marketing and Bookkeeping platforms as a bare minimum. However which ones you chose and what others you want to bring in depends on your budget, competency and the features you want. We don’t generally recommend specific platforms without performing a business audit first, that said we do have our favourites which you can find on our work with us page.

What is an OBM?

An OBM is an Online Business Manager. Similar to an Office Manager, only virtual. An OBM offers more strategic input than a VA to ensure that your operations are running smoothly.

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