Your mission should you choose to accept it
Your mission should you choose to accept it

Great, you have your vision in place, and you know where you are headed and what you want to achieve.  Now it’s time to talk about the how….


Your mission is a written statement of exactly how you intend to achieve your vision. It’s why you exist, whereas, your vision statement is your desired end state.  It’s an opportunity for you to define your company’s ethics, culture, norms and goals.

Which tools will you use? What strategies will you have in place?  What soft skills come into play?  This is where you really dig deep and tell your audience and potential customers exactly why they should come to you instead of one of your competitors.  What are you going to do differently?

A well thought out mission can be seen in every facet of your business

It’s important to ensure that your mission statement is not just a bunch of meaningless hype that you put together because the manual said, “every business needs a mission statement” To be truly successful in your business, you must create a mission statement that is easy to understand but that fully captures everything that your business is or will be.  If the way you conduct your customer interactions, for example, does not align with a mission statement that indicates “world-class customer service,” eventually, your customers will see right through you.  A well-thought-out mission can be seen in every facet of your business, from branding to operations, and is not something that should be “thrown together.”

Here are some great examples:

Through coaching, brainstorming, tough love and sometimes sarcasm, I will assist you in implementing systems and technologies that will help your business to explode! By connecting various areas of the business together using tried and true methods to balance your business operations, you can ensure that your business is on the right track to meet your desired target. – Diligent Assistant

In-store or online, wherever new opportunities arise—Nordstrom works relentlessly to give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible. The one constant? John W. Nordstrom’s founding philosophy: offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value.” – Nordstrom

Provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers, now and for generations to come.” –Proctor & Gamble

Most of these mission statements really give you an idea of who the customer is that the company is trying to attract, which is one purpose of the mission statement. Ideally, your mission should not be too long and not overly wordy; it needs to make sense to your audience and give them a reason to want to do business with you.  Ideally, if you put the time, effort and thought into your mission now, it will stay with you the entire time your business runs, avoiding the need down the road for costly re-branding or a change of direction.

If you need help creating your mission and vision statements – get in touch; that’s where I can diligently assist you!  Alternatively, you can take a crack at my Smarten Up Checklist to see if that sets you on the right path to creating a great foundation for your new business and, in time, a company that rocks!