About Us

” Your systems and processes are only ever as good as the people using them.”

Jackie Appleby is the Diligent Assistant.  A highly organized and strategic Business Manager who’s worked with coaches across North America to bring calm and focus to their business.

With a colourful background in corporate environments, excelling in Customer Service, and 20+ years of experience in Customer Contact Centers and customer-facing environments,  Jackie demonstrates the ability to consistently achieve high customer satisfaction rankings, improvements to the bottom line and turnaround of underperforming operations.

As a respected builder and leader of customer-focused teams, business strategist and Business Manager, she is able to instill a shared, enthusiastic commitment to business operations as a key driver of company goal attainment. As an administrative champion: Jackie operates on the principle of work smarter not harder, finding solutions to operational challenges to help others achieve their goals.

Jackie has taken her corporate knowledge as well as her experience of running her own small business and combined it with the services offered at Diligent Assistant to create a Virtual Assistance and Business Management Agency dedicate to assisting coaches.

Originally heralding from England but now located in Calgary, AB, Canada, Jackie is well known in the Calgary Professional Coaching Community and works with several ICF chapters.  She is Mum to 2 teenage kids and a couple of dogs. A keen camper enthusiast gives Jackie the beautiful Canadian landscape as inspiration for her business.

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