As a coach, have you ever wondered if you’re the only one finding it difficult to deal with all the facets of your business? While it can be very satisfying to be a Jack of all, it is unfortunately not really possible to be a Master of all, and this is where the concept of outsourcing comes in.

It is one thing to know that outsourcing exists though, and another to boldly embrace its benefits. A lot of times we hesitate to outsource our businesses for various reasons, one of which is uncertainty. Thankfully, there are actually hard facts – backed by numbers, that do reduce the uncertainty you may think surrounds outsourcing.

Here is one from, summarised in the infographic below. Hopefully, this research will help you make the right, knowledge-based decisions for your coaching business!

Outsourcing statistics for coaches

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Now it’s your turn – What do you fear the most about outsourcing your business?