Say Goodbye to the Crappy Desk

Picture this: a clutter-free desk, a space that inspires creativity and focus, and a positive work environment that sets the stage for your success as a coach. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of creating a positive work environment tailored to fit the needs of professional coaches like you. Get ready to transform your workspace and enhance your mindset for optimal productivity and success.

The Effects of Clutter on Your Wellbeing and Productivity:

As a coach, you understand the importance of efficiency, balance, and adopting a CEO mindset. But have you ever considered how clutter and disorganization can impact your mood and productivity? Let’s debunk the myth that a messy desk is a sign of genius. Research shows that clutter leads to distraction and has a profound effect on our wellbeing and brains. It weighs us down, making it difficult to make decisions and take action. As a coach, you need a clear mind and a clutter-free space to bring your best self to your coaching sessions.

Organizing Tips for a Clean Desk and Positive Mindset:

Now, let’s dive into some practical tips tailored specifically for professional coaches like you. Start by decluttering your desk completely. Clear everything off and put all papers into a pile. Take a moment to clean the top of your desk and create a blank canvas for a fresh start. But wait! Before you start tossing things away, remember that important contracts, notes, or bills may be lurking in that pile. Your next step is crucial: either hire an assistant or schedule dedicated time in your calendar to sort through all the papers. Avoid throwing away vital information and ensure your coaching business stays on track.

Next, let’s talk about creating systems that will prevent clutter from creeping back into your workspace. Consider using an accordion folder for bills or exploring paperless billing options to reduce paper clutter. Identify the biggest sources of clutter in your office and find solutions that work for you. If your kids contribute to the chaos, designate their rooms as their personal storage spaces and find appropriate storage solutions there. Remember, your office should be a haven of productivity, not everyone’s extra storage space.

Infusing Joy and Positivity into Your Workspace:

Now that your desk is clean and organized, it’s time to add a touch of joy to your workspace. As a coach, your work is all about empowerment, inspiration, and helping others thrive. Bring that same energy to your desk. Add one thing that brings you joy, whether it’s a family photo, a diffuser with your favorite essential oils, or a small vase of fresh flowers. Create an environment that sparks joy and motivates you to do your best work. A positive work environment sets the stage for you to uplift and support your coaching clients.


Creating a Positive Work Environment with an organized desk

Tips for Bringing Positivity to Your Work:

As a professional coach, your office space should be reserved for work-related activities. It’s your sanctuary, where you can enter and immediately feel focused on the day’s tasks. If you need an extra boost of positivity and warmth, consider framing a favorite inspirational quote on your wall or using it as the wallpaper on your computer screen. Prominently display your vision board in your office, serving as a daily reminder of your purpose and goals as a coach. And don’t underestimate the power of music! Create a playlist on Spotify with uplifting tunes that inspire you to keep moving forward, even on challenging days.

Lastly, remember that you are in control of the noise you let into your life. Social media can be a double-edged sword, and it’s essential to curate your digital environment. If certain social media feeds are filled with negativity, consider unfollowing certain individuals or hiding offensive posts. Start your day on a positive note by refraining from consuming news headlines first thing in the morning. Choose to acknowledge joyful things and surround yourself with uplifting content. Your heart and mind will be calmer and more ready to tackle your coaching business with renewed energy.

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Remember, creating a positive work environment is not just about having a clean desk; it’s about cultivating a mindset of success, balance, and inspiration. As a professional coach, your workspace should reflect your values and support your coaching journey. By implementing the organizing tips, infusing joy and positivity into your workspace, and curating a supportive digital environment, you’ll create a space where your coaching business can flourish. Remember, a positive work environment sets the stage for your success as a coach and enables you to empower others to thrive.

Now, go forth with renewed energy and create a positive work environment that aligns with your coaching mission. Embrace the joy and productivity that comes with a clutter-free space, and check this one off the list!