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Recently I had a chance to try out Hubdoc and I gotta say that I was instantly hooked!  So much so that I have now gone on to complete  training with them and I am now a Hubdoc Certified Partner and Hubdoc Certified QBO Pro-Advisor!

If you have several online accounts with vendors where you find yourself logging on to each of them every month to pull off invoices and then, enter that information into your Accounting software then you should be looking at Hubdoc!

At $20 a month for the service (which is probably less than your hourly rate) it comes in as one of my favourite ,bang for your buck, work smarter not harder software solutions for the small business owner!

The software essentially logins in on your behalf to your accounts, grabs anything that looks like a statement or a bill and uploads it to your Hubdoc account in nice neatly labelled folders!  Meaning that you only need to log into one account every month to find all of your transactions.  Once you have connect your accounts the first time it will automatically grab things when they are produced – so your cell phone bill for instance or your webhosting account!  No more printing off those invoices and leaving them in a file ready for book keeping.  Hubdocs keeps your paperwork safe for as long as you need it, so you know those Banking statements you can only go back 6 months on?  Hub docs will grab them and archive them for you!

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Hubdoc is constantly adding new providers for the auto uploads of documents, but if your provider is not listed, you can manually add you documents, either by e-mailing documents to your Hubdoc account or by using their app to take pictures with your smartphone!

Whilst all this in itself is pretty fabulous, the gourmet mustard on the hot dog,  is that once Hubdoc has your documents it will seamlessly upload them to your accounting software if you use QuickBooks, Xero, and, as well as collaborating with various other software providers!

Intuitive, time saving, and accessible: one more tool to have in your small business tool kit!