Meet Zoom – The company labels itself as “One Consistent Enterprise Experience” and offers Online Meetings, Business IM, Video Webinar, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP Connector and a Developer Platform!

From a price point, it really doesn’t get any better. With plans ranging from $0.00 to $19.99USD a month, any small business owner can get started with web and video conferencing without even spending any money. So now there is no excuse to not take your communication to the next level!

Lets dive into some features of Zoom.

Hosting a meeting – with unlimited one on one meetings, you can host with or without video, using screen share – the perfect tool for trouble shooting, showing demo’s, or connecting with friends and family!

Join a meeting – your host provides you with an access code, you plug it in and away you go!

Schedule a meeting – you can send out calendar invites to a meeting scheduled in the future and even create recurring meetings!

Cloud Recordings –  Cloud recording allows you to record meeting video (active speaker) and audio in the Zoom Cloud where the file can then be downloaded and/or streamed from a browser via HTML 5 or Flash.

Webinars – Zoom Video Webinars allow you to easily conduct large online events with video, audio and screen sharing for up to 50 video participants and 10,000 attendees. The features in Webinar are tailored for managing large audiences with branding, registration, host controls, polls, question & answer, raise hand, chat, recording and reporting.

Zoom Rooms – Zoom Rooms is a software-based room system that runs on a Mac Mini with the iPad as the room controller. You can start an instant or scheduled meeting with a single tap, screen share via wired HDMI or wirelessly on WiFi, and connect with attendees on H.323/SIP endpoints, telephone, desktop or mobile devices.

Controls – the controls are simple to use once logged in on the website you get the below hand tools to manage your meetings and chats!  There are also apps for both Android and Apple so you can chat on the go!  Several extensions are available to manage meetings right from calendars such as Google and Outlook.  The meeting functionality features Whiteboard, Screen Share, Delegation of Ownership and the ability to record, to name but a few.


Chat – working just like Skype, you add users with their e-mail address and then you can IM as well as set up groups for communication to more than one person. Sending pictures, files and screen capture is also available in chat.  There are even a few emoji’s!

I am loving my experience with Zoom so far and for the ease of use and fee, I really don’t think a small business can find a better platform for communication!