You know what makes me really mad??? Hearing coaches constantly asking “what free software does this?”

If you are serious about your business, why wouldn’t you be serious about the software, applications and equipment you use? Yes they can cost a lot of money, but… you know what else costs you money? Having to change your software or equipment down the road because it no longer meets your needs!

start as you mean to go on

Upgrades aren’t cheap

I am currently working with a client that after 8 years in business is upgrading his accounting software. It is not at all an easy task and is costing the business owner in both time and money. In hindsight, he wishes that he had got the right software initially. Or even switched way before his accounting got as complicated as it did. Over the years the business owner has missed out on valuable information regarding the true financial situation of the company.

The original software he used was able to keep track of what was in the bank, and produce his invoices, but was missing valuable tools like robust reports, unlimited internal accounts and customizable templates to help with brand awareness. It also didn’t come with the ability to export data, so now that the time has come for an upgrade, it has been a painstakingly slow process that has had to be done manually. Great for my business, not so much for him!

The moral of the story – Start as you mean to go on, ALWAYS. Do your research and don’t “make do” . When it comes to your coaching business, get the best you can possibly afford. Don’t think “this will do for now and I’ll upgrade later,” otherwise you could end up paying a lot more in the long run.

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