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Our Favorite Tools & Resources

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Email Marketing


There are an array of e-mail marketing platforms that we recommend and have worked with but we find that Convertkit is one of the easiest to use with a small price tag. If you are comfortable with Canva and can design a few graphics to load into Converkit you are golden!

CRM/Business Management Platform


All in one Business Management Platform. Create a client experience like no other from swanky-looking proposals to workflows that automate your most repetitive tasks.

Moxie CRM

A powerful CRM packed with all the tools needed for coaches to collect leads and prospects and move them through to paying clients and beyond.  Complete with project manamgement and tasks and collaborative client portals.


Specially designed for the coaching industry, Satori supports coaches at every step of  your client journey with tools designed to help you grow your coaching business. Bring your coaching client in to this platform to work collaboratively with you.


Teleprompter and automatic subtitle software with an attitude. BigVu works on both desktop and mobile, allowing you to write scripts for your video and have them move up your screen as your record. Packed with extra features such as adding captions, branding your videos and even running live videos, BigVu is our favourite tool for recording videos. Get $20 off your first transaction with our code gg14VPAs.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning no additional cost to you, however, Diligent Assistant Inc will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

That said, we only recommend products we have tested and used, that we feel are of benefit to our readers.

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