Updated 05 October 2022

I started using Dubsado CRM 5 years ago when the platform was in its infancy. Since then the platform that was originally designed with creatives in mind has added many cool features, to the point that I now recommend it as the best CRM for Coaches – and here’s why!


Dubsado’s ability to create tailored forms, contracts, questionnaires and proposals (with digital signatures included) means you can send your complete onboarding kit to a new coaching client via a workflow.

Having the forms you need to be completed, and “how to work with me” documents go out at well-timed intervals, will impress your clients and keep you organized. Dubsado will even tell you when forms are outstanding so you can follow up in a timely manner.


Giving your client their own private client lounge or portal – how cool is that? In the Client Portal, your client can see upcoming appointments, contracts and previously completed forms, as well as invoices that have been issued and paid. It will also show your client what is outstanding:

Dubsado Client Portal


Dubsado’s scheduler, whilst a little clunky to build works great for setting appointments and more to the point, getting paid! You can get a code to embed the scheduler on your website, or a link to directly share as you please. It is also possible to send nice-looking scheduler emails from within Dubsado, that have this link attached as a button.

You can set some appointments to be confirmed only if they are paid for upfront (or you can set up a deposit amount) and you can enable the scheduler to only allow certain appointments on certain days and times. It’s very customizable and links directly to your Google Calendar as well as Apple Calendar and others. It syncs both ways so if you have appointments in your personal calendar, Dubsado will not allow client appointments to be booked at those times.

Dubsado scheduler


As mentioned under Onboarding, Dubsado allows you to create beautifully branded questionnaires with which you can track and monitor progress. Not just for onboarding, you can set up the system to send questionnaires out prior to a coaching session. So if you want to have a pre-coaching summary of how things have been going for your client following the last meeting, you can send out a questionnaire to gather feedback.

You can also use the questionnaires to give out “homework assignments” and for many other information-gathering topics. In fact, all 17 templates in our New Client Onboarding Kit can be set up and automated in Dubsado!

Dubsado sample coaching form

Payment Schedules

Payment schedules are a perfect way to invoice the full amount to your client but have them pay over a set timeline. You can even set up payment reminders to go out before payment is due and after (if) a payment is missed so that you don’t have to worry about manually following up. You can also set up automatic re-occuring invoices to go out at set times every month or week.

Lead Capture

Add a customizable lead capture form to your website and have potential customer details go right from your website to Dubsado CRM. Add in an automated workflow and you can send a thank you email, a scheduler appointment for a free consultation or an additional information form right back to the potential client in an instant!

Zoom Integration & Google Meet Virtual Meeting Integrations

Connect your appointments with Zoom or Google Meet for a streamlined way to set up your virtual meetings. Reminders will also automatically go out with those all important links.


Dubsado currently integrates with Quickbooks online and  Xero integrations for Bookkeeping and accounting. This means you can send invoices automatically through Dubsado and have them automatically sync to QBO or  Xero.

In addition, Dubsado works with Zapier, allowing for many customized integrations. Dubsado also syncs with Gmail and other email platforms so you can view and send emails within the system.


Dubsado’s drag-and-drop form builder allows you to create fully customizable contracts including digital signatures that your clients can open, type their name, hit send and have returned to you, without them having to open other software or print, sign and scan. Dubsado really does make things super easy for your clients.

All in all, Dubsado is perfect for any businesses that need contracts with digital signatures and the ability to automate workflows, but I think it’s especially good for Coaches. At $40 USD per month for yourself and up to 3 other users, it’s a relatively inexpensive platform considering all the heavy lifting it does. And as a bonus, if you use my code “diligent” you’ll get an additional 20% off the sale price for your first month or year.

Now it’s your turn – if you could wish for a system or tool for your coaching practice, that would help you work smarter, what would it be? Let me know in the comments. You never know, I might just have something up my sleeve!

Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I only partner with websites and platforms that I use on a daily basis and provide real value to my business and my team. Diligent Assistant does not make money from platforms we have not rigorously tested.