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As you get started on your entrepreneurial journey as a professional coach, or even if you have been running your coaching practice for years, it’s always good to know about new tools and technology that can help you run your business effectively. In the grand tapestry of business management tools, there’s a shining thread that stands out: Moxie CRM. While originally designed for freelancers, it’s like that versatile outfit in your wardrobe – perfect for various occasions, including the world of coaching. Let’s unwrap the gift that is Moxie CRM.

The Gold Standard of Client Relationships:

If you’re a coach or freelancer, you’ll concur: client relationships are not just gold; they’re the entire treasure chest. As a coach in an over saturated market, you need to stand out from the rest by offering a superior client experience. Moxie understands this. Its panoramic client management system is designed to ensure you never drop the ball. From crucial project deadlines to intricate client details, everything’s at your fingertips. Imagine understanding your client’s needs with just a glance – that’s the magic Moxie offers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Client Management: Centralized and efficient. Manage your client data, consultations, and follow-ups all in one spot.
  • Sales and Lead Nurturing: Moxie stands out here. Instead of just managing ready-to-buy leads, it offers tools to engage potential clients from their initial interaction.
  • Client Portal: An interactive space where your clients can get updates, share feedback, and collaborate with you. It’s more than a communication tool; it’s a collaborative community.
  • Cost-effective: With plans starting at just $20 USD/month, you get a robust platform without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Diverse Integrations: Seamless connectivity with tools you already use: Google Calendar, Zoom, PayPal, and many more.
  • Workflow Efficiency: From the first client interaction to project completion, Moxie streamlines your operations, making tasks feel less like chores.
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Contracts, proposals & Digital signatures

Recommendations for Coaches:

While Moxie offers a wide array of features, it’s essential to understand which ones resonate with your business model. If you’re a pure coach, the client management, sales pipeline, and client portal might be your go-to features. For those offering consulting, the project management tool is an added bonus. Remember, it’s not about using every feature but about optimizing the ones that matter most to you.

Moxie CRM Project Status Project stages to help keep you organised


Tailor Moxie to meet your coaching needs.

While Moxie is not a dedicated coaching platform, it can be built to create a seamless process for your coaching clients. Moxie’s form builder allows you to create lead capture forms, discovery forms, pre and post coaching session forms, feedback forms, survey forms and pretty much any type of form you can think of. With its drag and drop functionality, the form builder allows you to ask various different types of questions, jazz it up with images and logos and tailor them to your brand specifics.

With expense tracking, invoice creation, payment processing and reports, Moxie can give you entry level finance information to ensure your business is headed in the right direction, all the time knowing where your money is coming from.

Moxie’s robust appointment scheduler puts you in charge of your calendar, while cutting down on those back and forth emails. With the ability to add in a payment at the time of scheduling your coaching appointments or paid consultants get taken care of right when they are booked and you can add on of your fabulous questionnaires to the appointment to collect additional information ahead of time. Set up your complementary exploration or discovery call as part of your lead intake process and add this to your website via Moxie’s pre-written code so that potential clients can book right from your website.

Add your coaching clients as projects and set tasks to remind you to take action on items such as sending forms or documents to a client or following up with an email. Moxie’s workflow functionality allows you to put certain tasks on auto. Send emails, text messages, invoices and create projects all from certain triggers!

Moxie CRM Lead management screen manage your opportunities and leads with ease

There are so many features in this platform and with its price point the is now no reason for coaches not to have a CRM in place and manage their clients more effectively!

Ready to explore what Moxie CRM for Coaches can offer? Jump into the free 30 day  trial using our link. If you’re on the edge, considering its suitability, let’s set up an exploration call. Sometimes, a simple chat can provide more clarity than hours of research.

Navigating the sea of business tools can be overwhelming. But with Moxie CRM, you have a platform designed with your unique needs in mind. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a companion ready to accompany you on your coaching journey.




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